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We design and retail high quality workshop tested tools for working wood. Interwood tools are designed to improve the quality of your woodwork by encouraging precision, and the bonus is they are an absolute joy to use. Our woodworking tools are made from quality materials including solid brass and beautifully grained timber.

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Christmas Gifts for Woodworkers under $60

Interwood Pocket Rule

$18 with FREE postage in Australia

Measures to a handy 160mm. Made of solid brass 2mm thick. Precision routered, it is extremely straight and accurate.

Interwood Dovetail Master Kit

$42.00 Includes all parts and instructions

Make your own dovetail layout marker. Mark the angle and square edge with one tool.

iGAGING 4″ Double Square

$27 Plus postage

These 4″ squares are excellent value and super useful. They are very accurate and in our workshop we find they are constantly in use for checking joints and machined edges. Imperial etched markings.

Angle Cube

$55 Rugged metal body

Almost unlimited uses for setting machines and finding angles. Has magnets on three sides to attach to reference surfaces such as saw blades and machine fences.

Workshop tested tools for woodwork

The new Super-Square is coming soon

$185 6.5mm thick aluminium

A high precision large aluminium square for your workshop, high grade, for woodwork, setting machines, marking out and accurate assembly.


$74 – Solid brass square

Your square is without doubt the best bit of kit in my workshop – Interwood customer

iGAGING Digital Wheel Marking Gauge

$50.00 Steel unit with wheel marker

Displays millimetre, inches and fractions of an inch with memory function. Long life battery included.

iGAGING Precision Straightedge

$54.00 Thick hardened steel with a satin chrome finish.

Use this tool as a 600mm ruler and a straight edge. Perfect for layout and set-up work.

Wilkie Marking Gauge (tool kit)

$80.00 Build your own marking gauge

The wood comes square dressed with the key brass components completed.

NEW – Veritas Plane Tool Kit

$80 Just add your time and skill

Everything you need to make an hand plane. You get the Veritas Norris-style adjuster, 40mm wide A2 blade fully lapped and ready to use. You supply the wood.

The ‘Victor’ Plane Kit

$98 Just add your time and skill

The Victor plane is made using a Veritas adjuster and 40mm wide A2 blade. Using a 50° bed angle the Victor is easy to use and very handy for planing difficult wood. The Victor kit comes with a Veritas Norris-style adjuster and 40mm wide A2 blade. All you need to do is saw the angles, drill holes, chisel, glue and sand.

Ebody Block Plane

$42 Premium Indonesian ebony

Exquisite small planes, 130mm long with a 30mm wide HSS blade. The blade bed is 60° so they will handle difficult grain. We have found them great for end and long grain work. Made by Mujingfang of China.


Our range of workshop squares consists of three brilliant tools. The Multi-Square™ is our all time best-seller and will quickly become your workshop favourite. The Super-Square will satisfy all of your larger measuring needs, and the iGAGING 4″ Double Square will fit in your pocket.


Measuring tools

We are very proud to share the Brass Rule available in both Original 1.6mm thick and Deluxe 3mm thick versions. The Precision Measuring Kit makes a very thoughtful gift idea for woodworking friends. We also stock a Bevel GaugeDigital Vernier Calipers and a Straightedge.


Marking tools

The Dovetail Master (tool kit) is one of our favourites  – designed in our own workshop, and assembled in yours. We have also tested the iGAGING Digital Wheel Marking Gauge and the Wilkie Marking Gauge (tool kit),  found them to be extremely useful in the workshop and have included them in our range.